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Quick Guide to Auto Accidents

Auto accidents take milliseconds to occur and years to recover from. Whether you are in a small fender bender or a serious auto accident, whether you have sustained serious injury or not; it is important to know the next steps. After your collision, an auto accident lawyer in columbia md might just have the relief and services you need.

Types of auto accidents

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Auto accidents can occur anytime, anywhere. The may involve semi-trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, or even pedestrians. Everyone is involved when it comes to a collision; the police, insurance companies, and often lawyers. Regardless of what type of auto accident you are in, all of these parties will likely have some affect on the outcome of your collision. However as a driver on the road it is important to know the most common types of auto accidents that may occur. The five most common auto accidents are rear-end collisions, single vehicle crashes, T-bone crashes, head-on collisions, and low speed contact collisions.

Determining fault

Determining fault of an auto accident is highly challenging, but will have the biggest impact on how the collision affects you. There are several steps involved, often times legal action, and fault versus no-fault state laws come into play. The process begins with collecting evidence, including recording statements and determining witnesses. Then, if the fault is not obvious such as in a rear-end collision, negligence and state laws will be assumed accordingly.  

Why you need a lawyer

You do not want to be legally at-fault for a collision that was not your wrongdoing, but there are also a number of other things that a lawyer may assist you with. The process after an auto accident can be stressful, especially when you are trying to mentally or physically recover from the damages. Hiring a lawyer takes away the pressure and ensures the most beneficial outcome.

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